10 top tips to improve your English vocabulary for IELTS

Here at Manc English we want you to improve all areas of English. How can you improve your vocabulary? Firstly, let’s consider the lexical approach. What is the lexical approach to language teaching and learning? Firstly, let’s look at the word lexis which according to the Oxford Learners’ Dictionary is a noun which means “allContinue reading “10 top tips to improve your English vocabulary for IELTS”

What are 10 great apps for studying English?

Quiz Your English At Manc English we use the Cambridge Empower books with added online access and content for our General English Classes. The Quiz your English app is a language practice app allowing you to practice English with your friends all over the world. It is the ideal add-on to the Cambridge Empower books.Continue reading “What are 10 great apps for studying English?”