Inspirational women from Manchester’s past

International Women’s Day 2021 To mark International Women’s Day, 8th of March 2021 this week’s blog will highlight some of the inspirational women in history that hail from the Manchester area, have studied at the University of Manchester or have connections to Manchester. You may be surprised to learn that some of the amazing womenContinue reading “Inspirational women from Manchester’s past”

Top 10 films set in Manchester

If you are thinking about coming to Manchester or Salford to study English and then a university degree, then you should familiarise yourself with the culture of the area. A great way of improving your English is by watching films, or if you are a lower level you could watch film clips. There are aContinue reading “Top 10 films set in Manchester”

Questions international students might ask before moving to Manchester to study

What kind of clothes should I bring? Good question. You can have four seasons in one day in Manchester. English weather is very changeable so it’s a good idea to wear layers as one minute you are cold but then when you go indoors you can get too hot when the heating is on. InContinue reading “Questions international students might ask before moving to Manchester to study”