Why is student teacher rapport important?

Why is student teacher rapport important?

At Manc English we think that if we are in a relaxed, supportive environment, we learn better. Therefore we are not afraid of experimenting or making mistakes. The rapport between the student and the teacher is very important, as is the rapport between the learners. If both of these things exist in the classroom, then students will be engaged and hungry to learn. Then learning will take place.

How do we go about creating it?

Starting a new course, in a new place with new classmates and a new teacher is bound to be a little nerve wracking. This applies to both the students and the teacher. Let’s face it, the teacher wants the students to like them and the teacher wants to like their students. The feeling of mutual respect will lead to positive outcomes. You may have just arrived in a new city and are tired and jet-lagged. You may have got lost on your way to the school. You might have to adapt to a different educational system and way of learning. You may be a student, taking an online course for the first time and aren’t so savvy with the tech. You may be a teacher, teaching online and aren’t so savvy with the tech. These things can be daunting at first. The teacher needs to make the students feel at ease and welcome them. The students need to be open-minded. The first class is really important for setting-up the whole course of study, getting to know each other, setting the class goals and getting everyone settled and relaxed so they can give their best and produce their best English. Students who think that they will do an IELTS practice test on day one, lesson one will be a little surprised. 

A relaxed atmosphere

With this in mind, it is vital to create a relaxed atmosphere in the class. The teachers and the students need to get to know each other. We at Manc English, take the approach that we are all human beings with different strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we all have different likes and dislikes, different personalities and learning styles. When you come to learn English in our classes, either on an IELTS course or in General English lessons, you will discover our human and communicative approach.


In a typical IELTS or general English class, a group mingle never fails. The whole class is up and moving around the room talking to each other. The objective is communication and getting to know each other. It is fun to learn more about the people who you will spend hours of class time with. I love to hear the buzz of everyone chatting and laughing, sharing information and communicating in English.

Self-reflection in the classroom

A teacher should work hard to ensure a good classroom rapport right at the beginning of a course. Students should feel that the classroom is a safe environment to ask questions, make mistakes, reflect on their own learning, help their peers, and learn from each other. They should grow together as both a unit and individuals. In our IELTS and General English Course in Manchester, we are committed to this approach. We work together to help you feel welcome in your class.

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4 thoughts on “Why is student teacher rapport important?

  1. Rapport is very important, I agree. Students learn more with teachers they like and trust. I always encourage students to dare (themselves) to ask questions because there will be a few classmates that are thankful for someone who is brave enough to say they don’t understand or ask me to clarify something.

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  2. This may well overlap with learner autonomy whereby students confidently attempt to meet academic challenges and share positive ideas with class mates with less teacher involvement.

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  3. That’s a good point. I think once the good rapport is established and developed throughout the course this certainly helps to foster learner autonomy and allows the students to become greater independent learners and rely less on the teacher. I like the old adage, the student becomes the teacher. It can be difficult for a teacher to surrender their control of the class sometimes but when you realise that students no longer need to rely on you for all their learning this is the best gauge of success in my opinion.

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